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When the going gets tough, the tough get going.

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Man for his girlfriend personally make the wedding shoes
01:11, 2014-Mar-13

Every star decoration is pasted by our own hands, this shoe has spent nearly 9 hours (the hand of the man of excess, laughed).Heart-shaped diamond Q word, is the name of his wife.

the wedding shoes is full of rhinestone

the man is making the wedding shoes

Diamond spell name letters, pearl set into a beautiful flower, like the glass slipper in the fairy tale story, good cool personality wedding shoe!The point is, vamp size of more than 2000 accessories, all by the prospective husband have labeled.In good living online, wuhan Ya xiao Yang show himself spent 15 hours for his beloved wife yellow "glass slipper", quickly spawned hundreds of netizens onlookers praise: dab hand good man, absolutely good husband!

Blogger Yang Jinjin 26 years old, who lives in hankou road, macau is a restaurant owner.According to him, and his wife Huang Qian wedding in March next year, he decided to do something meaningful for wedding: diamond wedding shoes.
A pair of white high-heeled shoes, pearl, glass rhinestones , the material such as glue, all he bought from the Internet., after all, is the first time, nervous xiao Yang took the following to try first, then officially "start" : glue water point on the shoes first, then use a toothpick carefully, and then quickly with some drill pen stick act the role ofing is tasted.Before, of course, have to be sure you want to shoes style, conceived the "effect" in the end in mind, such as more than 30 little heart-shaped drill letters spell out the wife name "Q".Actual operation to stick on the larger alloy and so on, with a small pearl will fill vacancies, "mainly want to talk, to quickly hands."In this way, nine hours later, the first shoe to finish.And xiao Yang think only at the moment all is full of diamonds and pearls, "confused".A successful experience for the first time, the speed is faster, more than six hours later, the second shoe and you're done.
"Too careful, considerate!""Shoes pretty good, your wife must be very touched!""As a girl, I to LZ candidly admit defeat."In the face of netizens like tide high praise, be labeled "good man" xiao Yang modestly said: no craft level, "is also a challenge for me, by heart."The bride huang this several days to take out your shoes to appreciate every day several times.Mother-in-law chan also used nowadays tidal language kua he "you this is the true love", xiao Yang was very shy, and he is looking forward to, the bride huang put on this pair of unique glass slipper, stepping the blessings of relatives and friends, hand in hand towards a happy life.


Diamond decoration swan Korean MM winter clothing collocation in the New Year
22:02, 2014-Mar-11

Swan sweater + blue skirt

Swan sweater + blue skirt
Toward a set of collocation, simple, white sweater is very special, rhinestone jewelry adornment of swan, gradient blue color, more shining.Blue skirt collocation, with coat photograph echo, put on a black pointed boots and individual character is dye-in-the-wood.

Pink purple sweater + grey skirts

Pink purple sweater + grey skirts
Han Fan complete a set of collocation, rabbit hair pink purple sweater, super close skin not firm, the design of the front pockets, more particularly, the joker design, single, tie-in shirt is OK, put on a gray skirt, all show thin.

Bordeaux red sweater + navy blue skirt

Bordeaux red sweater + navy blue skirt
At the end of the year is going to some red, jujube red sweater is a little retro Feel college shag line more warm wind, the classic twist design, collocation of navy blue knitting umbrella skirt, MM people necessary sheet is tasted, the design of tall waist more show long legs.

The yellow sweater + plover case short skirt

The yellow sweater + plover case short skirt
Add color to the winter, yellow sweater, a lining color of skin, very is fluorescent yellow, the design of the left shoulder, loose version, upper body effect is super good, plover case skirt collocation, classic design, let you the European and American wind is dye-in-the-wood.


The tutorial of pure, fresh and sweet simple horsetail spread
21:44, 2014-Mar-6

Want to become the most shining spring that one?Then take a look at this one simple and pure and fresh sweet horsetail spread the tutorials, reduction of age necessary hair, thin face easy steps can let you become very wen wan, lady fan.

The step 1 to step 4 of making the hair style

the step 5 and step 6 of making the hair style

Step 1: first of all, we have let her hair hang down, then take two bundle of hair from the right.

Step 2: then put the two beam hair turn up and cross to the roll up slowly.

Step three: volume to the hair end, don't too tight, pay attention to the volume make fleeciness.

Step four: volume to the third pull the hair beam to the left in the past, the effect is as shown.

Step 5: then put all of the hair on the left, with black string into a ponytail.

Step 6: the final with a beautiful hair bow clips hair accessories, a pure and fresh and sweet simple horsetail and distribute is complete!Necessary hair, thin face make easily reduced age you learn?


The embodiment of the tenderness---hiar bows
22:24, 2014-Feb-10

The bows, year after year this year is still not die, Dior, Sonia Rykiel, Alexander McQueen...France established as "guest" in succession, miss kind invitation to the elegant bowknot on time in costumes of their brands.
This year's bow, no longer carefully hides himself in the corner of not being noticed they were "brave" to occupy the position of the most notable, try to use its own light show beautiful uniqueness.
The bow or bags?

Bold designer, creative to shape the shape of the envelope bag into the appearance of the bow, is bag or bowknot is no longer important, with a baby, can't become a focal point is difficult.
Tips: it is obvious that such handbags memory space is not large, illuminative significance greater than the meaning of it as the bag itself.Take to the streets to work at ordinary times, this bag is inappropriate, is to the party or parties, can be included in the range, there should be no less effective.
The only leading role

Bowknot is this year's breakthrough is complete, each big brand designers seem to have great minds think alike: make bow worthy show the leading role of this year.
Under the neck, a cluster, the chest that the flower blossom with a gorgeous, waist...
Bowknot is in prove to the world: I am no longer a ornament, but is the only protagonist.

Tips: the exaggerated big bowknot is suitable for posture petite girl, a dress with a bow element is for dinner, the party's first choice.
Make the finishing point is very beautiful
This is a consistent tradition of the clever little collocation always appears so pleasing, bowknot earrings, lively and lovely;cheap hair bow supplies bag - nifty and clever;Orthodox suit - the original also have feminine taste...
With one enemy, now that's power.
Tips: small bowknot always can easily change the overall style, even with a silk scarf is a bowknot, not letter you try.


Chinese three big traditional hand craft: Chinese knot, embroidery, cloth art
18:35, 2014-Jan-24

Chinese knot:
I don't know what time, modern and then the ancestor popular decorations to find out from underneath the box, and then in accordance with the gourd ladle, add more ideas, more ornament, as a result, color silk weaving into the thick of tape carefully, a small ring with totem pattern, graceful ear ZhuiEr, all these make up the peculiar beautiful Chinese knot.Amazing a red rope can conjure up so much of the original pattern.Don't look at this little Chinese knot, it shows a fantastic and the wisdom of the Chinese ancient civilization is one of the side, is a kind of interest for the people to pursue optional, pray for peace.
"Knot" is the cord act the role ofing is tasted, it with fabric, embroidery and in our country is called three big handicraft product of the motherland.It is plain, solemn YaQi.Speaking of Chinese knot is very long, the history throughout human history, always long culture precipitation makes Chinese knot of the unique, pure culture of the Chinese nation."Line" and "god" homophonic, Chinese culture in the formation stage, used to worship the rope.According to written records, "nuwa rope in the mud, for thought."For rope like PanQu snakes, the Chinese are descendants of the dragon, the image of the dragon, in front of the history of the era, is used to reflect the knot of the change.Said "and" the word is also a strength, harmony, emotional words, give a person is a kind of reunion, intimate, warm beauty."Knot" and "ji", "ji" is the human eternal pursuit of the theme, "knot" that has the vitality of the folk art is natural as the essence of Chinese traditional culture, to thrive in the long run, has survived.

Chinese knot

Also called silk embroidery, is one of the excellent national traditional handmade crafts in China.According to the history record in four thousand before the chapter system, regulation "garment drawing and petticoats embroider";The other in the "book of songs" also has "plain clothes Zhu Xiu".Advocating embroidery clothing culture of song dynasty period, has gradually popular folk, this also prompted the development of China's silk embroidery.In Ming dynasty, the embroidery has become a highly expressive art, successively have known as the "four famous embroidery" suzhou embroidery, yue embroidery, xiang embroidery, shu embroidery.The suzhou embroidery and KeSi is most famous.
Suzhou embroidery originated in suzhou.Suzhou women's disposition gentle, practical and good at needle work.Suzhou embroidery niang has more than ten thousand people, every family has a embroidery, embroidered mother family.Suzhou embroidery technology is needle embroidery threads, according to the decorative pattern of design and color, in advance on the silk and cotton fabric compose operation, through the embroidery stitch structure design, pattern, text in order to obtain artistic effect.Suzhou embroidery has a beautiful pattern, color and elegant, rich, embroidery stitch work fine features.Hand embroidery is a famous Chinese traditional arts and crafts, craft art history in China occupies an important position.Hand embroidery and sericulture, silk reeling.China is the discovery and use of silk is the earliest country in the world, people began in the forty-five thousand years ago the sericulture and silk reeling.With the use of silk, silk fabric production and development, hand embroidery craft also gradually rise, according to Chinese historical records of the history records, 4000 years ago in "chapter system" stipulated that the clothing "garment type embroidered" adornment, visible in China forty-five thousand years ago, handmade embroidery has been popular.


Cloth art: cloth art, is a magnificent flower in the Chinese folk craft.
Sewing embroidery in China known as "dare", the industrious and intelligent Chinese women will own happy affection into needle sewing, style or delicate took hold, the light clean elegant;Or bold and vigorous, colorful, cloth art works created countless touching.
Ancient Chinese folk cloth art is mainly used for clothing, shoes and hats, bed curtain, hanging bags, backpacks, and other small decoration (such as scarves, sachets, fan belt, wallets, handkerchiefs, etc.), toys, etc.These life everyday items not only beautiful and easy, and enhance the strength of the fabric and abrasion resistance.
"Figure will deliberately, meaning auspicious".Chinese folk cloth art is multi-purpose some symbolic pattern.Flowers, pest birds, plants, etc. To express the author pray that good luck, good wishes, and avoidThe elderly supplies is multi-purpose "fu, lu, shou" theme, I wish the old man longevity and health.Children's products commonly used tiger, "ruling" (scorpion, snake, centipede, gecko, toad) such as design, to ward off evil spirits of evils, wanted a child like a little tiger as strong;Couples to use like girlfriend, lotus, (even) birth, carp with lotus symbol (marriage harmonious) design, looking forward to family, many children;Girl gave both lover sachets, handkerchiefs, etc., in the shape of butterfly dance or BingDiLian flowers figure case implicitly express the secret of the hidden in the bottom of my heart girl, beard needle lines are influenced by the affection.
Cloth art in ancient China are embroidery, lace, decals, and so on.
Embroidery stitch a lot of, have needle, jersey, scattered, dozen, sets of buckle, plate gold, braided embroidery, embroidery, etc.Embroidered with region, and customs of different points of different styles and genres.Southern region of needlepoint history is longer than the north, high technology from the north, style exquisite and graceful;The north with coarser needle, color bright beautiful.
Edition is also called the cross-stitch, strict according to the fabric fabric texture, couching equidistance, such as the length of the cross, arranged in a variety of decorative pattern design of form of embroidery, has a unique style of auspicious deformation geometry lines.When it does not hurt the cloth embroidered silk, can enhance the wear resistance of cloth strength, this kind of stitch applies to clothing, a handkerchief, scarf, corset, the real goods, such as curtain, curtain is one of the earliest widely circulated in embroidery stitch.
It takes is to use small pieces of different color fabric patchwork of design embroidery technique, also called "applique".We have for children wear ancient folk custom of "children", namely to citizen to collect all sorts of color fabric of makings of children's clothes, take hundreds of protection, protection and peace.
Cloth art from generation to generation in China, showing the author's understanding of life and longing, people pour into the infinite wisdom, has the distinctive artistic features

cloth art

This are Chinese three big traditional hand crafts supplies: Chinese knot, embroidery, cloth art


Different color ribbon ribbon build lovely ribbon bow
21:52, 2014-Jan-23

Ribbon supplies, packaging ribbon ribbon is no longer limited to the clothing accessories, children's accessories single hand.Women in the pursuit of fashion like different style, the youth academy, attractive woman, alternative fashion personality.In addition to highlight the characteristics of the makeup look, also have different dress adorn article collocation.The following several lovely ribbon belt as share of hair clips

30 mm - 38 mm width of printing ribbon - attractive woman love most
With brown, white dot printing, blank space decoration with narrow wholesale ribbons bow shape is absolutely campus wind window

printing ribbon bow clip


Small pure and fresh and fan favorite
Jane's unique style, the pursuit of fashion has always been a few years, that is not affected, and pure and fresh and bright.Milk white ribbon with concave shape polyester ribbon nylon light accompany with polyester thick texture, center again with a pink beads brighten the whole colour - young without.

ribbon bow clip


The girl next door's favorite
Cotton lace ribbon, hollow out pattern of weaving, and a large grid with a setoff, white more white stripe is more obvious, center ended with knot this lovely hairpin next door.

lace ribbon bow clip


Polka dot grosgrain ribbon style
Pink is definitely that grabs an eye in the role of the party.Are very critical but bright pink: oh, she must be a beautiful babe.

polka dot grosgrain ribbon bow clip


Dark pink hair clip - the little girl
Dark pink not above half back so dazzling that grabs an eye, but its unique feeling let dugu you immediately wanted to run to the front of the girl to coax her.Plus printing center half back of the ornament, more let you cherish.

Dark pink hair bow clip



Stars like hair band
22:09, 2014-Jan-22

No matter how fashionable change, retro style has always been the major hairdressers have the most in the most fashionable choice.This year, hair hoop hair band and slowly return to the wind, walk at the forefront of the European and American fashion stars to fondle admiringly, also might as well take a look at the stars together supplement.

hair headband design 1

The sweet little country days, Taylor swift, the silver hair headbands to build MingLing restoring ancient ways.Full of golden curls, silvery flowers hair ribbon, plus such as crown of wearing, such hairdo can not jing is colourful!

hair headband design 2

"Gossip girl" in the Blair to noble style of ivy, charmed countless fans.This by leighton meester campus princess, is the most changeable and most delicate the hairstyle.And hair ribbon is her favorite, this article red color hair band with classic ivy school uniform, sweet youth gives fully in pleasant flavor.

hair headband design 3

Small roll fine long hair with golden hair ribbon, let nicole richie ofa the Greek princess modelling of a low profile.The earth is makeup look a harmony with the golden hair color and hair accessories, spring is in the air.

hair headband design 4

Perhaps this is the hair band, the more the more fashionable mantra, hair band charged with Paris Hilton in boyfriend as fast speed and renewal.This time she to match YangJiaoBian leopard print hair ribbon, with past love compared with diamond princess hair band play modelling, more in line with the spirit which she set it girl doing.

hair headband design 5

Recently seems to be a combination of fine hair with + high bun is in popular, Jessica alba, ensure the hair smooth and lifted.In the spring and summer, it is a look relaxed and agile, and very chic, the girls are all very love.


Love alone rural spread the hair accessory
22:41, 2014-Jan-21

The style of "small and pure and fresh" has always been the MM people love, love for fresh things always give a person shu xin's natural enjoyment, it simple but lovely feeling.Simple and pure and fresh and distribute hairstyle for this dreary winter added how much the awaken of spring.Want to stand out, might as well choose a flower hair accessories for yourself, it has extraordinary magic, let you fashion mirror.

hair accessory

Printed headscarves side hair
Long hair modelling variety.If don't want to be the same with people, it might as well try to colorful silk scarves as a hair in the hair between the winding, this subtle aesthetic feeling as if a dose of pheromones of the woman, is both elegant and sexy.

the steps to make the hair sytle

Step1: the hair is divided into fluctuation two parts, the top of the head part around the hair into two parts, their respective to the middle reverse concentration, and then use clamps should be fixed to live, to make the princess type half a plunge into the effect of hair, and hair to one side.

Step2: using the wide printed scarf around the half from the top of your head down to the bottom of the hair, after heads into the shape of the bow type, and adjust the style of the bow with the hair on the same side.

Step3: after the hair to the side of the scattered around the ears.

Step4: With a unique lace wholesale hair bow clips plait don't in the ears


Sequins rhinestone tiara grab eye most
22:20, 2014-Jan-20

Sequins rhinestone tiara with its gorgeous color to bring cool and refreshing feeling to become the focus of the eyebrow in the United States this summer dress up accessories.Want to become a party Queen, not the classic style of all kinds of merchandises blingbling tire?Various European and American socialite actress is absolutely words, follow their master rhinestone tire collocation skill together.

Huamei spiral longhair collocation diamond princess wind hair

Huamei spiral longhair collocation diamond princess wind hair
Golden longhair natural partial points, spontaneous root place began to iron out the rules of thick spiral pattern of flowers, fluffy hair looks is flexible, under the wind princess rhinestone hair foil more GongTingHua aesthetic feeling

The points go collocation pearl diamond hair bright and clean

The points go collocation pearl diamond hair bright and clean
Divide the golden smooth straight hair in the hair, on a bun after brain above the neck position of the head part to choose color and hair color for the pearl rhinestone jewelry hair ornament, forehead fall bead piece become the nods eyeball pen, has different region amorous feelings.

Bright copper French twist with copper color hair

Bright copper French twist with copper color hair
Curly bang forehead natural side, long hair into thick French spread the wound in the head, have qualitative feeling more bright copper hair color make braids look.To show delicate can choose copper color hair makeup dot, meanwhile, color and hair color collocation and harmonious.

Fluffy golden spiral curls on black diamond hairpin

Fluffy golden spiral curls on black diamond hairpin
Pure golden hair style into partial points, since eyebrow bone height volume very hot and finely spiral curls, appropriate grasp and use hairspray create fleeciness effect further, selection and dress collocation of black glass rhinestones flower hairpin to try to adorn, retro feeling.


How to choose hair band to suit oneself style
22:01, 2014-Jan-19

Face the larger MM, hair band is best not to prosperity with the location of the department, should leave some hair on the forehead.Hair band can wide some.Also want to make the face look smaller, appreciating hoop, do remember don't put the hair wholesale headbands tightly stretched over his forehead, a little bit loose.

hair headbands example 1

Flat head type: fine version is preferred, can decorate head type;Wide version will make head looks more flat.Tip: wide version of the hair band, can temper too narrow head type.

hair headbands example 2


Folk prescription face XuanFa hoop for selected no pattern, or pattern of the only on the top of the head is best beautiful, face is long.A square face also suits to choose plastic headbands

hair headbands example 3

Hair headbands are dressed up to make use of our hair, has always been the be fond of of we love beautiful girls.But really choose to suit oneself style hair band, it is a difficult thing, in their view.So hope can help to you today.


The best jewelry supplies for the most suitable person
21:44, 2014-Jan-17

If you want to show your temperament, imagination, show the charm of the woman, let us together into the south Korean classic brand GONSEE diamond necklace, the world to see beautiful scenery between neck.

cross drill chains

This is a cross drill chains, very atmospheric
If you frequented high-end occasions, or want to attend the activities, it is a good choice.She will make you unique, make you look elegant and noble.

slender neclace

Heart, has always been a symbol of love.This is a slender necklace with a heart-shaped diamond, pure white, let a person pure and fresh and transparent, augur well for the loyalty of emotion.
This necklace is most suited to the engagement or wedding gift, of course also can be used as a valentine's day gift.

jewelry necklace

Before this kind of jewelry and a necklace is a little similar, are elongated diamond chain.
But when you see this kind of jewelry, we like do not know what words are used to express her.Saying a temperament of our appreciation, until we look carefully will find that the tail has a few small diamonds, as a result of the optical refraction, shows the different color, is startling.Finally you know this is what you have been pursuing, seemingly ordinary, but, just like our life has been integrated into our blood, can't get away from.

jewelry supply\

See the craft jewelry supplie, don't know what your eyes or psychological thought of, or how a picture?
I have some memories of the picture, thought of we worked so hard to fatigue lifetime of mother, they never willing to part with or use let us sad, in order to we they submit to humiliation, until we're adults, don't forget to think about whether we can adapt to the society.

So I think this jewelry should be sent to our mother, because they love the eye is the soul of the jewelry


Build opportunely shirt + slacks in the workplace
21:46, 2014-Jan-16

Love's fashions, men are not to be missed to share, recommend a fashion men's clothing.

Black and white wave point splicing denim shirt

Black and white wave point splicing denim shirt, small wood buttons with retro feeling.Supplement gray slacks, contracted leisure van.

Color vertical stripes shirt

Color vertical stripes shirt and blue slacks, will not feel abrupt even with tie.With deep coffee color belt, retro feeling grows.This is an office worker and date can be selected.

Dark blue shirt

Dark blue shirt and a white sweater.With the green slacks candy fashion and retro.Big totem scarf and leopard grain shoes, bind more add personality.

Cowboy shirt

Cowboy shirt supplement green slacks and deep red Martin boots, is actually a combination of multi-level color is very fashionable.Because dark colors, won't let a person feel dazzling.

blue shirt

Another mutiple level collocation, will highlight now blue shirt as bordeaux red knitted garments and dark grey plaid coat with a sense of workplace with jeans, even workplace supplement can fashion.



Spring beautiful arms, the makings are small decorations
21:55, 2014-Jan-15

BlingBling hair band, lovely headgear, elegant silk scarf and fresh straw hats are all revealed that the spring in the air, the small item is sending out the overflow in the spring of vitality, hurry up to choose a suitable for your item, to match the icing on the cake!

hair headbandhair headband

Cubes silver sequins ornament on silky hair headbands for sale, break the hair band, as usual, the little girl's style, with sweet and not be bored with charm, enough to let you earn enough to lead in the streets of the spring

hair bow hoophair bow hoop

Tired of watching bow hair hoop, two of the three silver hair hoop is refreshing.With the head curve of joint, but not make public the bright hair hoop tells the little girl's tender feelings.

hair bow cliphair bow clips

Enduring satin bows in this season, become more round and lovely, more stereo.In the spring of bright must not forget to use bow to express a sweet mood!

Rice straw hat

Rice straw hat

Rice straw hat ornament ribbon bowknot, explaining the desire for a spring outing, classic style of hat of rural style in this city is desirable.

elegant silk scarf

elegant silk scarf

This season of flower design restoring ancient ways also climbed the scarves sheet is tasted.On the basis of commuter pack for collar a silky squares collocation, make intellectual temperament.Also break plain drab, smooth add angry.



How to make the double bow
22:00, 2014-Jan-14

Single bow twists and most people, the better looking twists and whether or not you will two layered bows?Not children's shoes let us learn together ~
1. To grasp the bow slightly ear length, make a knot (lower left upper right)
Pay attention to the left to stay longer

step 1 to make the bow

2. On the left to the top of the ribbon tie in accordance with the graphic around the ears
Pay attention to this order right ring -- > -- > right left circle

step 2 to make the bow


3. Will bypass down from above on the left side of the ribbon

step 3 to make the bow

4. Like playing method of the single bow, around a circle and catch the ear through

step 4 to make the bow

5. Pull behind the two ears on both sides at the same time to can tighten, slowly adjust the size of the ears

step 5 to make the bow

6. Tighten after finish

step 6 to make the bow



Hair band let you become the multivariant hipsters
21:45, 2014-Jan-13

How can you do as a trendsetter don't know head with the tide?!From last year across streets "bunny ears", people can accept this more and more popular item.Unlike hair hoop, hair headbands to leisure more handsome personality sense, choose suitable for their own hair band for modelling big points oh absolutely!Today with small make up together appreciate the magic of hair band use.

lace headband

Sweet lace headband build coupling effect, balls first give a person with a lovely feel cleverly combined with lace, all show the romantic temperament, tie-in dress is dating win attire

hair band

Weaving section of hair band is absolutely hair band enthusiasts introductory paragraph!The lasting appeal of contracted is full of fashion, with it, toward, Bohemian...All no problem!

hair band

Fluorescent color is popular for Europe and the United States wind, wind restoring ancient ways you oh!Wide hair band is coated effect.Put your head down or bundle are dynamic fashion sense!

bow hair band

Sweet bowknot has been one of girls into a frenzy of elements, the red big bowknot builds a dream sweet breath, cute girl come and go out with me!

woven headband

Feathered woven headband very Bohemian feel oh, long after the strap around the head of a circle style knot at random, make hang down feeling of feather help you easily make unique national wind.

wave point hair band

Lovely the girl wave point to build the unique flavor of the wind restoring ancient ways of wide version of the design a little more sense, any hairstyle can easily control.That is elastic headband.



The optimization of processing and identification for ruby and sapphire (1)
22:10, 2014-Jan-12

In the life of people, often in a crack in the cabochon jewelry , people often of a grain of precious stones or something accessories question: "it seems to have a fine lines, this gem strong?"Gem has a crack, then how we optimized?What are the ways gemstone optimization?

The dyeing process

Put color shallow, corundum of fissure development in color dye solution soaking, heating, make its colour.

1. Magnification can be found when checking the dye concentration in the fissure.
2. Although looks more, but have not obvious pleochroism.This is because the dye did not enter the lattice of gems.
3. The dye may cause abnormal fluorescence, if can have a orange red, orange, yellow fluorescence.
4. Infrared spectroscopy in the dye absorption peak.

Filling process

Takel oil, rubber, glass, etc material filling in the fissure or hole of ruby, to cover up these defects.

1. Oil processing ruby enlarge inspection can be found when the fissure with colorful interference color, when part of the volatile oil can leave flecked and slag deposits.Thermal needle touch can have oil bead precipitation.
2. Note the luster of the rubber processing ruby fracture in rubber obviously lower than ruby body luster, crack is larger.Tip can be inside the glue lines.In the infrared spectrum of the absorption peak.
3. Glass filling ruby often crack one _1, fissure within the luster of the glass obviously lower than rubies body luster, big fissure space filling glass plane tend to sag.Sometimes visible to escaping bubbles.